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In order to aggregate all the contents and services suitable for kids and teenagers in cyberspace, Anarestan has provided the required platforms such as a system for recording users' accounts, special e-wallet for kids, content market for kids and teenagers, and so on. Along with its "comprehensive collaboration" policy, Anarestan is seeking to provide a platform for all companies willing to contribute in producing and distributing the contents.

Anarestan Services:

Child friendly Internet

Romanet is the Anarestan child friendly internet providing kids and teenagers with a world of suitable contents in form of special packages based on "White List", including entertainment and hobby, matches and games, talent scouting, scientific and training, religious, etc. contents. This service is to survey, categorize and rank the contents required by kids and teenagers with the help of pedagogic experts to be provided to the users.

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Anarestan Search Engine for kids and teenagers

Special Search Engine for Anarestan subscribers, romanet.ir, is the first search engine in Iran specified for kids and teenagers which is mainly launched for providing kids and teenagers with searching services suitable for their needs. The infrastructure of this engine exercises a local technology named FarsiJoo, the most powerful local explorer in Iran indexing more than 2 billion pages.

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What is good?

"What is good?"is a service designed for those parents seeking for suitable options for their kids in the following fields which are the subjects of this service: films and cartoons, toys, mobile and computer games, physical and motion games, book, web sites or other database. Considering the special kids' tendencies in different age groups and corresponding to their gender, this service is monitoring, selecting and categorizing the subject matters in order to detect and introduce the best constructive and attractive hobbies good for the kids' growth and innovation flourishing.

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Anarestan SimCard

Anarestan Sim Card is a pre-paid sim card provided free of cost to Iranian children between 6 to 18, addressed all their needs from voice and SMS to Data, and even 4G safe and fast speed internet. Child- friendly internet is the unique characteristic of Anarestan Sim Card, full of safe, useful and age-appropriate contents.

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NarTab (Anarestan Special Tablet for Kids and Teenagers)

NarTab is Anarestan Tablet deigned for kids and teenagers benefited from special and ad hoc possibilities and applications (such as science exploration software, child Sim Card, training and entertaining contents) to provide a useful and attractive space for kids and teenagers. One of the important advantages of NarTab, compared to other tablets existing in the market, is the MDM, Android customized operating system installed on this tablet by default and provide the parents with the possibility of managing the device.

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Parents are mostly concern about selecting appropriate cartoons based on their cultural back ground and educational values. Nartoon has been designed to address such concerns. Nartoon group in Anarestan not only make Animations or as Iranian children say, cartoons, but also translate and dub the world new cartoons in Persian, though the Nartoon contents are inclusive and so well-suited according to Iranian tendencies and cultural approaches. Nartoon is Android- and IOS- based application and has its own Nartoon website.

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Narliga (Online Game Platform)

Narliga is a platform based on which different leagues and festivals of computer games can be held. Narliga provides the required software and hardware platform to be shared for all who want to present his/her own games in this environment. Narliga has been inaugurated aimed at game, entertainment and training.

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Narket (Content Market for kids and teenagers)

Narket is a database inaugurated to provide contents for kids and teenagers in cyberspace, and aimed at addressing the current needs for Iranian localized contents. It is the first Android-based market published entertaining and educational contents for Persian-speaking kids and teenagers in 6 different and attractive categories including applied and educational programs, game, video, audio files, book and magazine. Narket is to prepare a safe base for content providers to introduce their products confidently.

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Inar, Interactive Voice Response

Anarestan Interactive voice system, named Inar, is one of the Anarestan content services providing voice services with various contents such as scientific, educational, training, healthcare, psychological, informing as well as entertaining contents.

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Creativity Home

Anarestan Home of Creativity has been inaugurated aimed at executing great ideas in the fields of boosting kids' creativity and enhancing their skills.

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Anarestan Club

Anarestan Club is a discounting SMS system whose members benefit from its services, opportunities and special facilities.

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Anarestan Students' Wallet

This e-wallet is designed for day-to-day management of the amount of pocket money the students get from their parents. The parents may charge this e-wallet with any amount of money and get the daily reports of its expenditure. Anarestan e-wallet can be used in different stores from school café to cyberspace content markets.